2020 Election Validator

Was My Ballot Connected?

Our research shows that 38.9% of Minnesota ballots were not connected to a registered voter as of Nov. 29th, 5 days after MN State Canvassing Board met and certified the election on Nov 24th. This includes over 700,000 absentee ballots.

203B.121 BALLOT BOARDS. Subd. 3.Record of voting. (a) When applicable, the county auditor or municipal clerk must immediately record that a voter's absentee ballot has been accepted. After the close of business on the seventh day before the election, a voter whose record indicates that an absentee ballot has been accepted must not be permitted to cast another ballot at that election. In a state primary, general, or state special election for federal or state office, the auditor or clerk must also record this information in the statewide voter registration system.

This form allows you to check your vote status against the Minnesota SVRS (SOS Voter Registration System) as of Nov 29th, 2020.
Which is 5 days after the MN Canvassing Board met to certify the election.

This research is in acordance with both election and law enfocement criteria of MN Statues 201.091

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